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Property Management
West Bay Housing (WBHC) provides professional
Property Management services for various types
of housing serving people with developmental
disabilities and other special needs

Property Mangement

Property Management
West Bay Housing (WBHC) provides professional Property Management services for various types of housing serving people with developmental disabilities and other special needs.  Each home is managed and maintained in close cooperation with the Golden Gate Regional Center and qualified service providers.

Our Property Management services include long-term asset management, routine and emergency maintenance, landscaping, accessibility and other person-centered modifications, occupied remodeling, and refinancing.  In addition to managing a growing portfolio of 18 WBHC-owned homes, WBHC and also offers customized, affordable Property Management and maintenance services to other owners of licensed, shared, and multifamily housing and Day Program facilities for people with disabilities. 

The benefits of WBHC’s Property Management Services include:
  • A Caring Partner:  Residents, family members, service providers, and Regional Center staff have the comfort of working with a landlord and property manager who understands the special needs of people with disabilities
  • Policy Compliance:  Furthers the Regional Center’s policy of separating housing and services, empowering residents with greater housing stability
  • Enhanced Services and Housing:  Separation of housing and services allows each party to focus on what they do best, improving the quality of both housing and services for disabled residents
  • Accessibility and Person-Centered Modifications:  All properties are managed to maximize overall accessibility as well as person-centered modifications responsive to each resident’s identified needs and preferences
  • Preventative Maintenance:  A proactive Preventative Maintenance Schedule ensures continuous code compliance, state licensing compliance, life safety and habitability standards
  • Green Operations:  Green Maintenance best practices improve energy efficiency, save money, and create healthier living environment for residents, including indoor air quality and non-toxic cleaning and landscaping
  • Smart Asset Management:  Long-term fiscal and real property asset management preserves and leverages California’s and the Regional Center’s investment for the benefit of current and future residents with disabilities
  • Cultural Sensitivity:  All WBHC Property Management personnel, including in-house Maintenance Technicians as well as contracted vendors, receive cultural sensitivity training and conform to our Resident Relations Policy.  Our landscaping services are provided by people with developmental disabilities, through the vocational programs at Community Gatepath and Kainos Home and Training Center.   
Our Portfolio
WBHC’s growing portfolio of owned and managed affordable supportive housing for people with developmental disabilities and other special needs includes licensed community homes leased to qualified service providers, shared housing for those capable of greater independence, and – in the near future – multifamily supportive housing.  We currently manage 18 homes serving 78 people in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin counties.  Another 9 properties are scheduled to come on line in the next year, for a total of 27 properties serving 128 people.  In addition, our Property Management team works closely with our Housing Services department, which provides similar services to scattered-site units leased by WBHC on behalf of people with developmental and other disabilities. 

Deinstitutionalization – A Home for Life
In 2008-2009, WBHC began managing and maintaining 13 four-bedroom homes developed as part of the closure of Agnews Developmental Center.  These beautiful homes, developed by Hallmark Community Services with support from the Golden Gate Regional Center and WBHC, are located in communities across San Mateo County.  Owned by WBHC subsidiary A Home for Life and operated by 11 licensed care providers, the homes provide greater independence and community integration for 40 former residents of Agnews State Developmental Center, including people living with medical fragility, behavioral and other disabilities. WBHC provides post-construction modifications, ongoing maintenance, emergency repairs, and long-term asset management to ensure that these homes, a landmark in California’s deinstitutionalization movement, continue to provide quality community-based housing for people with disabilities in perpetuity. 

Atenar home located in San Mateo, CA

Deinstitutionalization – Community Placement Homes
WBHC develops, owns and manages homes for people moving out of developmental centers under the Golden Gate Regional Center’s annual Community Placement Plan.  The homes serve residents living with cognitive, behavioral, and physical disabilities.  Each four-bedroom home provides a private bedroom for each resident, is fully accessible, and incorporates population-specific and person-centered modifications to ensure the most functional living environment.  WBHC leases each home to a licensed Service Provider.  Our Property Management Services include preventative, routine and emergency maintenance; accessibility and person-centered modifications; and long-term asset management. WBHC currently manages two Community Placement Program homes still under renovation prior to licensing, with three additional homes in the 2009-2010 pipeline. 

Prague home located in San Mateo, CA

Downsizing – The Kainos Homes
In 2005, when clients at Kainos Home and Training Center asked for greater independence, WBHC purchased and remodeled two Redwood City homes.  Sanchez Way and Chantal Way provide 8 units of community-based housing.  Each resident continues to receive supportive services from Kainos in a more independent living environment with their own bedroom, paying no more than 30 percent of their income for rent.  This collaboration enabled Kainos to “downsize” its Home and Training Center and shows how WBHC, Service Providers, and clients can work together to further independence and community integration for people with disabilities. 

Sanchez Way home located in Redwood City, CA

Downsizing – Homes for People Leaving Laguna Honda Hospital
WBHC owns and manages 22 Capay Circle in South San Francisco, the first of 4 anticipated licensed community care homes WBHC will develop, own and manage for people with developmental disabilities currently at San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital.  Each home will incorporate extensive accessibility features, such as roll-in showers and ceiling-mounted lift systems.  For each of these homes, WBHC partners with the Golden Gate Regional Center and Service Provider Narasol, Inc.   WBHC is also working with the City and County of San Francisco to provide community-based, affordable, accessible housing for an estimated 500 people currently living at Laguna Honda. 

Capay Circle home located in South San Francisco, CA

Preservation – Homes for People with Autism
In addition to newly constructed homes and single-family homes acquired and converted into licensed homes, WBHC preserves and manages existing licensed care homes.  In 2008, WBHC acquired two existing licensed homes for people living with autism – Portola Drive in San Francisco, and Devon Drive in San Rafael.  WBHC’s development and property management team worked together to address emergency life-safety, code and licensing issues due to years of deferred maintenance.  In 2009-2010, WBHC will complete extensive remodeling, estimated at $.5M.

Portola Dr home located in San Francisco, CA

Other Property Management Services
WBHC offers customized, affordable property management services to owners of community-based housing, licensed care facilities, and day programs for people with developmental disabilities.  Beginning in 2010, WBHC will provide multifamily property management for Octavia Court in San Francisco, our 15-unit HUD Section 811 Supportive Housing project for people with developmental disabilities.

Octavia Court located in Hayes Valley, CA
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